Table of Contents for new book by S. H. Yaskell, Grand Phases On The Sun

Grand phases on the sun            

The case for a mechanism responsible for extended solar minima and maxima

 By Steven Haywood Yaskell

 Intro.             Only eight light minutes away

Chapter 1.      Comprehending, and contemplating, deep time

Chapter 2.       What is a grand solar phase versus a “regular” solar phase?

Chapter 3.       Grand solar phases in possible civilization-altering contexts

Chapter 4.     Widening perspectives of our sun in space: what does the Sun and

                        other  star  phenomena produce in the Sun-earth climate connection

                         – and what  could it  do to earth?

Chapter 5.      “Centers of activity” on the Sun : a linear view of the nonlinear

                        as an introduction to helioseismology

Chapter 6.      Total solar energy and particles, climate, Earth’s orbital considerations,

                         and the solar dynamo in the de Jager-Duhau synthesis

Chapter 7.      What a grand solar phase mechanism might reveal in the short term

Chapter 8.      A summary, some observations, and some closing thoughts



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