The most powerful and dangerous man alive must be delivered from the clutches of Nazi re-occupied Denmark to America.

Why is he most powerful and dangerous? Because both the allies and Nazis know that only he can tip the world’s military power balance by achieving the first atomic bomb.

The Danish Nobel Prize winning father of the radiative subatomic world was both teacher and inspiration to a generation of nuclear scientists trapped half a world away. Now these same scientists -many who fled Nazi Europe -desperately need his help.

Based on fact, this Ian Fleming-style historical thriller makes readers relive the hidden world of World War 2’s mysterious “secret war” when the scientist’s deliverance from Fascist Europe is reenacted. As the two “furies,” natural flier Lieutenant Michael McKnight and the Danish physicist soar precariously to freedom in a futuristic high-altitude aircraft, the love of a man for a beautiful woman simmers. If it wasn’t for the downed American bomber co-pilot McKnight, yoked into spy service and a female scientist – the breathtakingly beautiful Swedish Nazi trophy wife Lydia Öfverberg – the history of the world might have taken a different turn. 


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